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What to Do if Your Car AC Stops Working

It’s summer, it’s hot and your AC is barely blowing enough cold air to cool your finger. Or worse—it’s blowing hot air on top of already humid 90-degree weather. What […]

How to Find a Maryland Mechanic You Can Trust

There is definitely no lack of auto repair shops in Maryland. In fact, we bet within a 5-mile radius of your home there are probably at least 3 shops you […]

Why Tire Blowouts Happen and How to Avoid Them

In case you didn’t notice, starting in May and continuing all the way through the end of September is the “tire blowout season.” This time of year, you will find […]

5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

The weather is slowly warming up and soon enough you’ll be blasted with a heat wave every time you open your car in the morning. You think winter is tough […]

Tire Maintenance Tips for Safe Driving

Aren’t you glad the winter is over? No more sliding on rock salt and clenching your fingers around the wheel when your car loses traction on an icy patch. If […]