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Tire Maintenance Tips for Safe Driving

Aren’t you glad the winter is over? No more sliding on rock salt and clenching your fingers around the wheel when your car loses traction on an icy patch. If [...]

What to Do if Your Car Fails an Emissions Test

You roll into the Maryland emissions testing facility early Saturday morning. Your emissions test notice is about to expire in a few days, so you need to get this done. [...]

Is it Really Necessary to Warm up Your Car in The Morning?

Are you the driver who lets the car run for five to ten minutes before you leave in the morning? Or maybe you are the driver who gets disapproving looks [...]

When and How You Should Maintain These 5 Vehicle Fluids

Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about being proactive with your vehicle maintenance in 2015? If you don’t remember the last time you opened the owner’s manual to check the [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

You put your key into the ignition, turn it half way and see your dashboard light up. But once you start the car, the check engine light doesn’t go off—oh [...]