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Why is My Car’s AC Fan Not Working?

August 1, 2018

Why is My Car's AC Fan Not Working?

A hot car is an absolute nightmare in the summer, especially with temperatures as hot as they’ve been. When your car’s AC breaks down, even a day trip to the beach seems like a chore. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most common reasons why your car’s AC might be giving you trouble.

How Can I Tell if my Vehicle AC Fan Isn’t Working?

The first step to determining what is wrong with your AC system is to figure out what’s broken. This can be easier than you think—and it will help your mechanic to have your feedback on what is wrong.

  1. Turn on your AC and wait for it to blow cold air.
  2. Next, adjust the air flow from low to high. If the strength of the air increases as you turn it up then your fan seems to be working. If your AC is blowing cold air, but it’s a weak flow, then your AC fan could be busted.
  3. Listen to your AC system. You know what it normally sounds like, so turn the fan on and if the sound of your AC system has changed this could be the fan failing.

My AC Fan Works Sometimes, and Other Times it Doesn’t

In the automotive repair industry, we call this intermittent. Your fan works some days, and then all of a sudden it decides—for whatever reason—to stop working. These issues can be caused by for a variety of reasons from electrical malfunctions in the board which controls the fan, to an issue with the fan’s motor.

If your AC is working intermittently, it’s best to have a professional look it over. There are a plethora of reasons it could be having these issues and an experienced Maryland Car AC Repair Shop will have the best chance of fixing it.

My AC Fan is Stuck at a Set Speed

This is a common issue with air conditioning systems. When the strength of the air is stuck, lets say at the highest speed it could be due to a burnt out resistor. You see, the part which controls the strength of the air can be hot during use. This can cause parts of the electrical system to fail, which leads to the loss of use of certain air speeds.

Why is MY Car’s AC Fan Not Working?

The reasons for a vehicle’s air conditioning fan to stop working are many. Luckily, here at Hillmuth Certified Automotive we can help you with the diagnosing and fixing any of the potential issues. Some of the most common reasons an AC fan will stop working are:

  • Broken Fan Switch
  • Burnt Out Resistors
  • Fan Obstruction
  • Airflow Obstruction (dirty filters)
  • And more

We Can Help with Gaithersburg, Maryland Car AC.

These examples are only the beginning of what could be causing issues for your car’s AC. Rather than simply putting up with it, come visit us at Hillmuth Certified Automotive. We can accurately diagnose the problem and get your AC working again so that you can actually enjoy your next ride to the beach!

Hillmuth Certified Automotive has been serving the community since 1978 and since then, we have expanded to four locations. Come visit us in Clarksville, Columbia, Gaithersburg, or Glenwood today and we’ll get you rolling again.

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