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Clarksville, MD

12411 Clarksville Pike
(410) 531-6116

Columbia, MD

6810 Oak Hall Lane
(410) 381-1124

Gaithersburg, MD

19300 Woodfield Rd
(301) 963-0660


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Hillmuth Auto Care 36/36 Guarantee

At Hillmuth Auto Care, we want you to know that we have your best interest in mind. We don’t practice the hard sales approach, and don’t recommend repairs we think are unnecessary. That’s one of the reasons our customers give us glowing reviews and keep bringing their vehicles to Hillmuth year after year—and we want to keep it that way. While other shops may only offer a 12, month/12,000 mile warranty that covers your repair for a year, Hillmuth Auto Care offers a 36-month / 36,000-mile Nationwide Warranty* We’re dedicated to making sure the car repairs we perform at our shop are done the right way, every time.

Our Nationwide Warranty

We are confident in the expertise of our technicians and the quality of our services, which is why we offer a 36-month / 36,000-mile Nationwide Warranty* on parts and labor from the original repair date and mileage. Odometer reading and date of service will be used to determine eligibility. If an odometer reading and/or service date is not listed, this warranty is void. Hillmuth Auto Care will not warranty any parts of the vehicle that was not repaired at one of our locations, regardless how damaged. Other exceptions may apply.

Warranty Transferability

The 36-month / 36,000-mile standard warranty is transferable and can only be honored at one of the Hillmuth Auto Care locations in which it the original auto service was performed. The Nationwide warranty is voided upon transfer of vehicle ownership.

Nationwide Warranty*

  • If you’re traveling, and you’re more than 100 miles from one of the Hillmuth Auto Care locations, call the the Hillmuth Auto Care location where the previous service was repaired to start the warranty process. Hillmuth Auto Care needs to be contacted prior to any work being performed. All calls will be answered Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am – 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • The customer MUST pay for the part(s), labor, and tax on the warranty repair at the time of service to the repair facility performing the work. In addition, the consumer must also pay for any non-warranty services ordered. Non-warranty service is not reimbursable. Reimbursement limit applies.
  • Reimbursement is limited to covering only the failed part (as listed on original service ticket), labor, and tax associated with part for a period of 36-months or 36,000 miles of the original repair; whichever comes first.
  • The date of original repair and odometer reading will be used to determine eligibility. Reimbursement is limited to covering up to the original dollar amount charged for the part and labor/tax associated with part as listed on the original service ticket.
  • Reimbursement shall not exceed original cost of installation. If the warranty repair costs are less than the original service ticket, the lesser amount will be reimbursed.
  • The consumer must return failed part to the Hillmuth Auto Care locations where the original repair was completed by any means necessary within a 2 week period. The customer is responsible for any all cost associated with returning the part. Failure to return the requested warranted part voids this warranty.
  • The original part must have been installed by one of the Hillmuth Auto Care Locations, and you must keep a copy of the original repair invoice and present it when seeking service under this warranty
  • Incidental or Consequential damages are not covered.

Items excluded from warranty

  • Wear items such as air filters, cabin filters, transmission filters, fuel filters, brake pads, brakes shoes, spark plugs, fluids and tires are not covered by your warranty.
  • Services and adjustments that have recommended service intervals that are lower than the warranty coverage are not covered such as clutch adjustments, valve adjustments, brake adjustments, alignments, tire rotations, fluid changes, fluid flushes etc.
  • The warranty repair on the failed part must be performed by a Service Center and not an individual for the part to qualify for coverage.
  • Engines, rebuilt engines, or engine assembly unless specified differently by supplier.
  • Transmission, Transaxles, Transfer cases for automatic and manual transmission unless specified differently by supplier.
  • Differential Assembly: any repair or component replacement including, but may not be limited to: ring gear, pinion shaft and related gears, associated bearings, and pinion seals, unless specified differently by supplier
  • Auto Body, Paint, molding, air bags, or glass repairs
  • Used parts – parts purchased from a junk yard per customer request
  • Customer supplied parts or parts purchased from the Internet (Hillmuth Auto Care does not accept customer supplied parts)
  • Batteries unless specified differently by supplier
  • Tires
  • Shop Supply fees
  • Incidental or Consequential damages

Locations and Restrictions

The Hillmuth Satisfaction Guarantee applies at all four of our Maryland locations:

Call us or contact us online with any questions about our warranty terms and conditions.

Hillmuth Brothers

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Awards and Recognition

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“The staff at Hillmuth Automotive has always been honest and helpful. I had a difficult situation with an insurance claim and they went the extra mile to ensure I got the coverage I needed. They are always courteous and timely.”

-Jo Ellen Nauman, Olney


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