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3 Automotive Repair Myths

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Conventional wisdom is, for the most part, a good thing. It offers us simple and effective advice for everyday life and is often the source of solid info. However, not all of the wisdom passed down through the generations is true. Today we’re tackling 4 different automotive repair myths and setting the record straight at long last. Let’s take a look.

DIY Auto Repair will save you money.

We live in the DIY age where there are a million online tutorials that will walk you through the process of everything from building a birdhouse to resetting a router and everything in between. There are, as you can imagine, thousands of DIY auto repair blogs and YouTube channels out there and they’re free. However, repairing a problem with your car isn’t always straight forward. Sometimes the problem is more insidious than you initially thought and what started as simple fix can quickly become a huge disaster. Even over-the-counter solutions for various car problems can backfire and end up causing more damage than they alleviate. It’s best to invest in the right fix once.

When you replace one tire, you have to replace them all.

When you pop a tire, getting it replaced is pretty important. In some cases, you can have the tire patched by a professional to get it back on the road, but in other cases, it’s better to invest in a new one. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace all four. What’s important is that your tires are uniform in size and air pressure, not necessarily their age. At the end of the day, if you’re not sure, you can talk to an automotive repair professional if you have questions.

Premium gas is better for your car.

To be fair, this myth’s truth is based entirely on what kind of car you have. If your owner’s manual clearly states that your engine needs premium gas to function optimally, then you should be using premium gas. However, the average car seems no real benefit to this, so don’t waste your money. There are many different ways to maximize your fuel economy, but premium gas isn’t one of them.

Hillmuth is Here to Help!

If you have questions about how to care for your car, Hillmuth is here to help. Our trusted technicians will walk you through everything you need to know to ensure that your car has a long and happy life. For all of your automotive repair needs, rely on Hillmuth.

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