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Fall Car Maintenance Checklist

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

With each season change it is important to go over a checklist to ensure your car is in good shape for the upcoming months. This is especially important during the spring and fall, when the environmental changes are the most extreme, transitioning from cold to hot, and hot to cold. In the fall there are a number of things that should be carefully checked on your car to ensure it functions properly heading into winter. Let’s take a closer look at those things.

Engine Maintenance

One of the most important things to check when getting your car ready for fall is your car’s oil level. If your oil is low, or you’ve gone too long without an oil change, it’s time for an oil change. While you should be checking your car’s oil periodically throughout the year, the changing season is a good time to do a more thorough investigation. Likewise, you’ll also want to check (or have checked) the various engine fluids, such as coolant, transmission fluid, etc. Another especially important thing to check going into colder weather is the condition of your brakes, and amount of brake fluid in the car. In addition to checking the car’s brakes and fluid levels, it is important to check the car’s belts and hoses carefully. Belts should be replaced at any sign or fraying or tearing, as should hoses.

Tires With weather conditions changing the tires are the most critical component on your vehicle for safe driving. Low tire tread depth will affect steering, braking, and safe handling in all conditions. You should check tire pressure with any change in climate conditions, the decal inside your door post will give you the proper tire pressure for the front and rear tires. Tires should be rotated every 5000 miles for the best mileage wear. Rotating regular will give you another 10,000 miles life on the tires.

Exterior/Interior Maintenance

In addition to engine maintenance that is so important as the weather gets cooler, it is also important to carefully examine other areas of your car. It is also important to carefully check your car’s windshield wipers to ensure they are functioning properly, should you get stuck in a snowstorm. Also replace windshield wiper fluid with season appropriate fluid. Waxing your car prior to a cold and harsh winter can also help protect it in the event of snow or ice, it is a recommended part of a fall tune up, but it not essential.

Even if your car has never had a problem before, it is essential to thoroughly check your car’s engine, fluids, wipers, lights, brakes, and tires before heading into winter. As temperatures drop and roads become more hazardous, it’s essential your car is in the best shape possible, so that you aren’t stranded on the side of the road. If these maintenance items are more than you are comfortable handling on your own, or you find an issue that needs to be fixed, our professionals at Hillmuth can get your car in tip top shape, and give you peace of mind heading into winter. If you are ready to have your car serviced, give us at Hillmuth a call today!

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