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Surviving Your Teen’s Driver’s Education

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Having a teenager is stressful. Add driving lessons on top of that and you are bound to experience some anxiety. There are some things you can put in place however to help you remain calm.

Let’s look at the top eight things you can do to make driving with your teenager less stressful for you, and for your teen!

Make Some Ground Rules

  1. Phone safety has become a huge issue for teen (and adult) drivers over the last 10 or so years. By making some strict driving rules relating to the cell phone, you can help reduce your teen’s chances of an accident. Things like no texting, using only hands free functions, or even forbidding any calls of any kind can help your teen stay focused on the road.

  2. If your state has a curfew for young drivers that is great and can help reduce the risk of tired driving. Beyond that curfew, you may want to impose your own curfew based on your teens schedule.

  3. Limiting driving buddies can also help keep your teen from getting distracted. By having a rule of no more than one (or two, etc) friends in the car, you can help your teen stay focused on the road.

  4. In addition to state laws about driving that your teen must obey, make your own consequences for disobeying the rules of the road. Sometimes the threat of losing the privilege of using the car for a week is enough to enforce the rules.

Invest in Education

  1. Investing in drivers education for your teen is a great way to ensure they understand all of the rules of the road. Before enrolling your teen, do a little bit of research into which programs have the best reviews to ensure your teen gets the best education.

  2. Above and beyond the regular drivers ed class, you can also invest in additional education hours. The extra hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor can help your teen feel confident behind the wheel, without feeling your anxiety in the passenger seat.

Choose the Right Car

  1. In addition to all the education, ground rules, and hours practicing behind the wheel, investing in a safe car will put your mind at ease. By choosing a car for your teen with high safety ratings, you can rest a little easier knowing if there is an accident, your family is well protected.

  2. Making sure your car is in tip top shape is another great way to put your mind at ease. By having your car inspected and routine maintenance performed, you know your teen won’t be stranded on the side of the road. Similarly, regular maintenance will help to prevent accidents to due vehicle malfunctions.

Teaching your teen how to drive can be stressful but by following these eight tips you can reduce your stress. If your car is in need of service before your teen hits the road, get in touch with your local Maryland Mechanic, Hillmuth Auto Care, today!

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