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Automotive Milestone Services

At Hillmuth Auto Care, we believe that the best way to keep your car operating safely and at its maximum efficiency is by keeping up with the factory-recommended maintenance. There are certain checkups and preventive services you can benefit from when it reaches a certain mileage point. It’s like getting that cough caught early and treated during your annual physical exam instead of later coming down with a major cold. If you share our approach to your vehicle’s health, also check out our Total Lifetime Care (TLC) program that makes milestone services affordable by combining them with amazing perks and discounts.

Follow us! We will get your vehicle over 200,000 miles!

Each of our four Maryland auto service and repair stations in Clarksville, Columbia, Gaithersburg and Glenwood is staffed and equipped to provide you and your vehicle with all the necessary maintenance services. In addition to the general milestone services, we also offer the following maintenance and inspections for your vehicle:

Below are itemized services for each major milestone. They may vary slightly depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but this list will give you a general idea. Click on each milestone to see what’s included.

Maximizer Service: 3K/5K Mile

Regular Service: 7.5K/10K Mile

Minor Service: 15K/20K Mile

Major Service: 30K Mile

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