Hillmuth Certified Automotive of Columbia, MD is the place to bring your vehicle for any number of automotive repair services you may need. As a premier auto repair in Columbia we make sure you can keep your car on the road for much longer if you have had it repaired correctly, and you can save money on repairs because you have worked with our certified and professional staff. You can get all the automotive care that you need, and you will save money in the process. Check out all our auto repair services by reading through each section.

We Work With Domestic, Hybrid, and Even Foreign Cars

We offer hybrid repair and car care because we know that you have concerns about how your hybrid will function if things start to break down. We will show you what can be done with your hybrid vehicle, and we can show you what causes these problems. Some people have concerns about putting their hybrids in repair shops because of the potentially costly or difficult repairs that need to be done to the car, but when you trust our Columbia auto professionals, you can learn how to stop these things from happening in the future. We have a lot of experience with these cars, and that helps us solve your problems quickly.

Complete Tire Services From Rotation To Replacement

Our ASE certified technician can offer you essential tire service for any vehicle. We can help you repair a tire, replace a tire, or solve a problem with tire wear that you have come across. If convenient, the Columbia location offers a wide variety of tire brands, and we offer great deals to all of our clientele. It is a faster and easier way for you to get your car back on the road and off a spare.

Brake Repair, Replacement, Or Realignment

One of the more common pieces of car repair is brake service. When you hear the brakes squeal and start to jitter when you are on the road, you know that it is time to visit an auto mechanic. Functioning brakes are not only better for your car, but they can be essential to your safety and MD state inspections. Maintaining your brakes is a straightforward way for you to get the car back to a safe driving condition. Our mechanics are ASE certified and will even take a look at the rotors on the car because that could be just as much of a problem as the brakes. We can let you know how much wear is left on the brakes, and we can explain why these brakes have gotten this way. We make small changes to the car so that you do not see your brakes wear like that in the future.

  • Tire Rotation

  • Axle and Drive Shaft Repair

  • Oil Changes

  • Air Filter Changes

  • Coolant Flushing

  • Belt Replacement and Repair

  • Battery Replacement

  • Windshield Wiper Replacement

  • Spark Plug Repair and Replacement

  • Struts Replacement and Repair

  • Maryland State Inspections

  • And More!

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