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Are Your Tires Ready for Winter?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Most people buy things for their car to add functionality, style, or comfort. GPS systems. Radios. Subwoofers to pump that bass up. We get excited about fancy chrome rims and airbrushed flames. But when it comes down to taking care of the basics–like tires–we tend to forget that we need new ones every once in a while.

Well, there’s no season like snow season for new tires.

New tires are great for maximizing fuel efficiency, maintaining driveability in the snow, and protecting the life of your vehicle–and the passengers inside.

5 or 6 years, you should get a new one–a new set, really, to wear all 4 evenly. The second factor is mileage. If you’re an average driver, some tires may last you up to 70k, 30k, or others far less.

But what it really comes down to is tread. Remember, racecars go through tires in a matter of laps. When you’re checking your tire pressure each month, check your tread depth, too. If it’s less than 1/16 of an inch, it’s unsafe and high time for new tires.

At Hillmuth Automotive, you can find snow tires or all-season tires for the winter, along with a variety of other passenger, touring, or ultra-performance treads. Our tire services also include mounting, rotation, and alignment. Contact us today.

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