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Common Flat Tire Causes and How to Avoid Them

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Do you often get a flat tire and recently begun to wonder why this is always happening to you? There are some common flat tire causes which, once you’re aware of them, you can avoid.

Driving on the Shoulder

The main road will be mostly clean of sharp debris, but if you venture too far from the beaten path there are no guarantees. If you happen to drive on the shoulder to pass someone making a turn, or to simply get off the main highway for whatever reason, you run the risk of a flat tire. Sharp objects are simply more common on the shoulder of the road.

Construction Zones

While most road construction crews are diligent with cleaning up after themselves, things happen. Sharp objects have a greater chance of making their way into the roadway around construction zones. If your daily commute is through an area which seems to have an eternal construction zone, and you keep getting flat tires, maybe it’s time to find another route.

Valve Stem Leaks

The valve stem is where you put air into your tire, but it can also be the culprit of flat tires as well. If you find yourself constantly adding air into your tire and then it slowly leaks over the period of a few days, you may have a valve stem leak. Take your vehicle into your local Maryland tire service and have them replace the tires as this problem will only get worse.


One reason for a flat tire is vandalism. Tires can get slashed, punctured, or just simply have the air let out of them by a person for whatever reason. We suggest either parking your vehicle in a safer, more secure place, or setting up a video camera to monitor your vehicle. Another way to protect your vehicle would be to install an alarm system.


Vehicle accidents are an obvious culprit to a flat tire. What may not be so obvious would be if someone bumped your tires at the grocery store and then drove off. This could easily rupture your tire and cause it to go flat. To avoid accidental hit-and-runs like this park in less frequented areas of parking lots.

Tire Bead

The tire bead is a crucial component to the structure of your tire. The tire bead is the lip that hold the rubber part of the tire to the metal of the wheel. If the tire bead starts to wear due to old age or other issues it can cause the tire to fail.


Change in temperatures will cause your tire to go flat in the winter. While this isn’t a totally flat tire, it can be alarming at first. Simply add a little more air to your tire and it should be fine. If the tire still remains flat, bring it in to your local tire repair shop today for service before the issue gets worse.

Regardless of why your tire has gone flat, it’s obvious you’ll be needing new tires. Bring your vehicle into your local Maryland auto repair shop for service today. Hillmuth Auto Repair is Central Maryland’s preferred auto repair shop since 1978. If you would like to make an appointment, fill out the form on our website, or call Hillmuth Auto Care today!

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