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Does the Type of Gasoline I Use Matter?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Ever wonder if the different types of gasoline at the pump actually have a real difference between them? Some people say it’s just a marketing gimmick, but the truth is that there are real differences between these types of gas. The type of gasoline you put into your vehicle does matter. Use the wrong gas and it can has a substantial effect on your vehicle’s health.

How Gasoline Fuels your Engine

Understanding how internal combustion engines work is the first step to understanding why the different types of gasoline matter. Inside your engine are a varying number of pistons which bring in and squeeze gasoline and air before igniting them with with a spark plug. Each octane level of gasoline has a different ability to withstand compression without spontaneously combusting. The air/fuel mixture inside the engine should only ignite when the spark plug fires; not before then. This is why the correct fuel is important.

What Happens if I Use the Wrong Gas?

If you use the wrong gasoline, it could lead to spontaneous firing in the engine’s pistons. This is caused by the gas/air mixture combusting due to the pressure and not ignition. This will create an issue called engine knocking. Engine knocking gets its name because it is commonly diagnoses by the audible knocking coming from your engine. This issue can lead to some serious damage so it’s important you bring your vehicle into your local Maryland car mechanic right away for a check-up.

What Gas Should I Fill Up my Car With?

So lets get to the real question at hand. What type of gas should you use? The answer lies in your owner’s manual; and you should never deviate from this answer. You want to use the lowest level of octane your vehicle can handle. There’s no need to ever use an octane higher than what you vehicle calls for simply because you will reap no benefit – only an increased cost. But you definitely don’t want to use an octane below what you car needs.

What Brand of Gasoline is Best?

In addition to the octane level of gasoline, there are actual noticeable differences between brands of gasoline. While gasoline at its base level is fairly similar across all gas stations, due to federal regulations, there will be different types of additives found between brands of gasoline. Each mechanic you speak with will probably have a different opinion on which brand of gasoline will be best. The basic rule of thumb though is that seeking out the cheapest gasoline possible will end up costing you in the long run as your engine will require more frequent repair.

For more information on what type of gasoline will be best for your vehicle, get in touch with your trusted auto mechanic in Maryland. Here at Hillmuth Auto Care, we are Maryland’s trusted auto repair service, and have been since 1978. To schedule an appointment with your local Hillmuth Auto Care, give us a call, or fill out the form on our website, today!

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