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How Often Should I Change my Oil?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

One of the most common questions we get from customers is how often their oil should be changed. Sadly, there is no perfect answer as each vehicle is different. It’s kind of like asking a doctor how often people should come in for check-ups. Each person is different and will have different requirements based on family history, age, etc.

What Affects Oil Change Frequency?

The frequency at which you change your oil will depend on a combination of multiple factors. First, oil changes are not dependent on time as much as they are on mileage. If you drive your car 100 miles a day, you’ll need to change your oil much more frequently than someone who only drives once a week.

In addition to mileage, the age of your vehicle also affects how often you should change your oil. Older vehicles have less efficient systems which means that the oil will leak or break down faster. Lastly, if you are constantly driving in stop-and-go traffic or make lots of short trips each day, you will need to have your oil changed more frequently.

Consult with your Maryland Mechanic

With regards to your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to get the opinion of an expert. Your regular mechanic in Maryland is going to have the best answer and understanding of how often your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed. They’ve seen your vehicle and worked on it before; and they know what specific requirements it has.

Have your Mechanic Change your Oil

Yes, you can save money by changing your oil yourself or taking it to the cheapest tire and lube center in the area. The reason you want to take your vehicle to your mechanic for an oil change instead is to have them give your vehicle a once-over at the same time. Not only will you get a quality oil change, you’re giving your Maryland mechanic the opportunity to catch any potential problems.

What Type of Oil is Best?

No matter what you’ve heard, synthetic oil is going to be the best oil for your vehicle 95% of the time. The only times when it’s good to use conventional oil will be on older vehicles. Older engines need an oil which isn’t as free-flowing because they aren’t as air-tight as newer engines. For more info on this topic, check out our recent blog post, the difference between synthetic and conventional oil.

For more help with changing the oil in your vehicle, get in touch with the experienced Maryland mechanics at Hillmuth Auto Care. Here at Hillmuth, we offer honest vehicle maintenance and repair services at a fair price. For more questions about how often you should change your oil, or to schedule an oil change, give your local Hillmuth Auto Care a call today!

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