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How to Find a Great Maryland Car Mechanic

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you’ve recently moved to a new area and you’re too far from your previous, trusted car mechanic, you’re going to need to find a new one. Here are some suggestions on how to find a great Maryland car mechanic that you can trust to care for your vehicle.

Is the Mechanic Certified?

Certifications are in place to ensure a mechanic meets and/or exceeds industry standards for auto repairs. If the mechanic in Maryland you’re evaluating has passed their ASE certification tests, you can rest assured they have a base-line level of knowledge. Don’t simply stop at just the ASE certifications though, check to see what other certifications or awards they’ve earned as well.

Search the Internet for Reviews

Review sites provide an unbiased look at the services provided by a local business. If the Maryland car mechanics you’re comparing have Google or Facebook pages, check through their reviews. Don’t simply look to only see their overall rating but also how they respond to unfavorable reviews as well.

Give the Mechanic a Test-Repair

Car repairs can be expensive. To build your trust with a new mechanic, have them change the oil or perform other routine vehicle maintenance to see how you feel about them. You’ll get a gut feeling about the service they’ve provided and also get some first-hand experience with how they treat their customers.

oil change

How Convenient is the Car Repair Shop?

It’s important when weighing out your options that you consider the convenience of the shop as well. If the best mechanic in the world is a four hour drive away, it’s not very practical to take your vehicle there – right? That’s probably one reason you’re looking for a new mechanic in the first place! Here are some considerations when it comes to convenience:

  1. Does the mechanic offer pick-up services?

  2. Does the auto repair shop have multiple locations?

  3. How close is the auto repair shop to your home or work?

  4. Can you schedule an appointment online?

  5. What are their hours of operation?

What kind of Warranties does the Mechanic Offer?

Warranties on work are a great way to tell how confident an auto mechanic is in the work they do. Some mechanics won’t offer a warranty on the repairs they’ve done to your vehicle and it doesn’t really make you feel very confident in their work – does it? Be sure you choose a Maryland auto repair shop which offers a warranty on major repairs so you can sleep sound at night.

If you’re looking for a new mechanic in Maryland and are in the area of Clarksville, Gaithersburg, Columbia, or Glenwood, MD, then give Hillmuth Auto Care a try. Hillmuth Auto Care is a full-service Maryland auto service and repair business founded in 1978 that has customers who’ve been coming to them for generations. To schedule an appointment, visit our website to find a location near you!

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