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Road Trip Tips for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The holidays can be the greatest time of the year. Time off of work, you get to see family, and maybe even get a change of scenery. But the holidays usually come with some type of travel. Traveling should be enjoyable, not stressful. Here are some useful road trip tips for the holiday season you should consider.

Stay Safe

With the holidays happening during winter, you’ll most likely encounter some sort of treacherous road conditions along the way. It’s important you are ready for any situation which may arise while you’re out and about.

As a Maryland mechanic we strongly recommend you always have a winter emergency kit in your car. Things like blankets, flashlights, and kitty litter can go a long way when you get stuck out in the snow. For a full detailed list, check out this article from Ready Wisconsin for a great winter emergency car kit.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Kids can be one of the greatest blessings this world has to offer. But they can also make long road trips…challenging. Have multiple options to keep your children occupied so you can focus on driving. Some useful items which have worked for many others include:

  1. Their favorite songs uploaded on an iPod or CD

  2. Play a portable DVD player

  3. Whiteboard and dry erase markers

  4. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

  5. Books, magazine, or comics

  6. For smaller kids, put toys in a separate cups, and give them a new cup every 30 minutes.

  7. Lastly, travel during nap-time.

Bathroom Breaks

There are so many reasons as to why its important to stop frequently. Bathroom breaks are vital for a smooth road trip. Holding it can be uncomfortable, distracting, or worse. You need to remember to eat more than just snacks. Driving for long periods of time on straight roads can become tiring quickly. Getting a real meal in your stomach can wake you right up!

Wear the Kids Out

Also, kids need to expend their energy. If they have just been sitting in the car eating Goldfish and watching a movie, they most likely are about to explode. Plan your trip around a rest-stop with a nice playground and let them go outside and run around for a bit. If you’re lucky, the kids might just fall asleep for you when they get back in the car.

Enjoy Your Time Out

The most important thing of all is you have a good time while traveling. This is extra time you get to spend with family or friends. You get to see parts of the state or country which you don’t normally see every day. Cherish this experience and make genuine memories from it.

Have your Car Inspected

Before setting out on your trip, bring your vehicle into your local Maryland auto mechanic for a once-over. Typically an oil and lube service will be enough so long as you tell them you’re about to go on a road trip and want them to make sure it’s ready. They’ll check your tires and other necessary items.

For help with preparing for your upcoming road trip, schedule a check-up or maintenance service with your local Hillmuth Auto Care. Here at Hillmuth, our goal is to keep you safe on the road with honest service at a fair price.

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