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The Dangers of Fall Driving

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Summer has finally ended and Fall weather is quickly approaching. The leaves are turning pretty colors, cool nights are begging for bonfires, and deer and other animals are coming out to play. Though these are some of the pleasing things Fall is beginning to bring us, they can all mean hazardous conditions for drivers. Let’s go over some Fall driving hazards you should be looking out for this season to ensure safe driving!


Although beautiful, leaves fall and litter streets and sidewalks making them slick and slippery surfaces. They collect on roads and obscure traffic lines and markings on pavement, which can cause traffic back-ups and accidents. When wet, leaves are even more dangerous to drive on.

Frost & Fog

Temperatures are starting to drop during the night, causing morning frosts which can create icy patches on the road. Shaded areas and bridges are especially susceptible to frost. Cold nights lead to chilly mornings, which can produce fog. Fog limits your visibility when driving and occurs more abundantly in low areas surrounded by hills.


Deer and other animals are more abundant in the Fall because this is the time they are mating and migrating. Always use your peripheral vision to look out for them. Because deer can appear seemingly out of nowhere and dart into the road, it’s important to be extra cautious this time of year.

Back to School Traffic

Summer break has ended and school is starting back up. This means more cars and busses will be on the roads, especially in the early morning and late afternoon when school opens and closes for the day. Always watch out for pedestrians in school areas and follow proper driving rules when following a school bus.

PRO TIP: Want to know the easiest way to guarantee you won’t find yourself broken down on the side of the road in chilly weather this Fall? Take your car in to your local Maryland mechanic for regular maintenance!

Having preventative maintenance performed on your vehicle(s) by a professional Maryland auto care technician regularly means you’re less likely to be surprised with any sudden vehicular malfunctions. The weather changes and other hazards that Fall brings are inevitable, so being proactive and making sure your car is well taken care of is essential this season.

The professionals at Hillmuth Auto Care are dedicated to caring for our customers’ vehicles just like we would our own. Contact us to schedule your routine maintenance today!

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