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Why is My Car Exhaust Rattling?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Have you noticed the exhaust on your vehicle making a rattling noise? There are a lot of potential reasons your car exhaust could be rattling, but it is predominantly caused by loose parts. Here are the various areas to check when trying to figure out why your car exhaust is rattling.

Loose Support Bracket or Mounting

An exhaust system is attached to your car with the use of brackets or hangers. Over time, these brackets or hangers can get loose or rusted and fail. If this happens, it can create a rattling sound. Double check that every piece under your vehicle is secure and doesn’t move. Gently jiggle the areas around any bracket or rubber hangers—you’re trying to re-create the rattling noise. Any part that moves when you jiggle it is too lose because there should be no loose part of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Loose Heat Shield

The heat shield is the part of your exhaust system which helps to dissipate the heat being produced by the engine. If this part gets loose, it makes a rattling noise sounding like rocks bouncing around in your muffler. To check if the heat shield is loose, crawl under your vehicle when it is cool and see if there are any loose parts. If you are going to try and do this repair on your own, we’d be remiss not to mention you must be extra careful whenever going underneath your vehicle. Just to be on the safe-side, bring your vehicle into a Maryland exhaust repair shop and let them have a look instead.

classis car exhaust repair shop in Maryland

Broken Exhaust System

Your exhaust system and tail pipe have many parts held together within what we can see from the outside. If one of these parts shifts loose or the welds fail, this can cause rattling. If all the parts underneath your vehicle seem secure and you’re still hearing a rattling, you may need to bring your vehicle in to an exhaust service center. They will be able to more thoroughly diagnose the issue and determine what is causing your car exhaust rattling.

Ultimately, any time you hear a rattling noise coming from your vehicle, it’s a good idea to bring it in to a local Maryland auto service. A rattling noise can be a much larger issue waiting to happen. Hillmuth Auto Repair has been Maryland’s trusted auto mechanic for nearly 40 years. To schedule an appointment with Hillmuth Auto Care, visit our website to find a location nearest you.

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