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Automobiles are a significant investment for the people all over Glenwood MD, and they depend on them for mobility. A lot of time and energy is used when purchasing an automobile. It has to be just the right color, style, and model to appease the differences that people require. They are intended to last for long periods of time, and the life of an automobile is representative of the car care that it is given. Proper car maintenance is essential to ensure that it provides the best service and is always ready to deliver peak performance, and for that, you need complete car care.

Auto Repair in Glenwood

At Hillmuth Automotive Service in Glenwood, MD, we pride ourselves in providing the utmost in automotive service and repair. We take care of all automotive repairs for all makes and models of cars. Auto repair services have been our number one commitment for nearly forty years. We also specialize in Hybrid maintenance and repairs/service. Our Tire service and brake service are some of the more common repairs in the city, but we can do everything from transmission repair to an air filter replacement. Receiving a repair in Glenwood MD from the Automotive services here at Hillmuth covers a wide range of issues related to auto care for a car or truck. We have built a stable and well-respected business in four locations to serve as many people as possible in Maryland.

Start To Finish Complete Auto Care

Hillmuth Automotive Repair Service was founded in 1978 by two brothers, Doug and Billy Hillmuth. Our first service center consisted of a two-bay repair shop. Now we have four automotive centers with as many as 18 bays in one location. We are still a family owned and operated business that has expanded to include our two sons, Scott and Billy. In 1980, our shop was moved to a larger location and is still in that location on Oak Hall Lane today. All types of automotive services are offered, from radiator repairs to a simple oil change, and the success of our business is due to our excellence in customer care and service delivery.

During our three decades in automotive repair services, we have employed only the best-qualified auto technicians, each with a tenure of at least 15 years. Today we have 8 Service Advisors, 15 Technicians, and five shuttle drivers. This is another of our services that we are proud to offer to our customers so that they can get back to work, or home to resume daily tasks. We repair promptly with as little downtime as possible for our customers, but we take the time to investigate and dig deep to find the problem so that the car is fixed right the first time.

Some of the repairs we specialize in are from minor to significant services that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tire service and repair is standard in all areas. From leaky valves to major blowouts, we repair or replace for the safety of our customers. During our maintenance services, we inspect the tires for underlying problems.

  • Brake repair service is rendered with every inspection and recommended for regular maintenance. With all of the stop and go traffic in the city, brakes get pounded on quite frequently. We also inform our customers of the signs that could indicate that there is a brake problem. We feel that giving customers valuable information about prevention is a big part of our service.

  • Hybrid repair and service are new to the auto repair industry, but we are qualified to service them for any needed repair.

  • Factory recommended maintenance is critical especially with all of the newer model cars. We will take care of all upkeep using factory parts for any repairs and replacements.

  • We offer pickup and delivery service; late night drop off service, loaner vehicle service, and same day repair service for the convenience of our customers.

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Auto repair services at Hillmuth Certified Automotive of Glenwood are our family’s tradition that we prepared our sons for, and we hope that one day our grandsons will continue with the legacy by making more substantial expansions that will someday service the entire state of Maryland. We believe in the comfort and convenience of our customers, so we added the late night drop off, and the shuttle service as a way of showing our care and appreciation. We strive to be the one-stop service center for all automotive and car repair needs. The quality auto care from our local business ensures the total lifetime care and personal interest that we have for all our customer’s vehicles. At Hillmuth Automotive Repair, we render service above and beyond because we strive for perfection, and a high quality of protection for the safety of our customers. So contact our offices today to schedule an appointment whether you are near Glenwood, Howard County, Montgomery County or even Ellicott City, we have a location near you.

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