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Do I need a New Fuel Pump?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The fuel pump is an important part of your vehicle’s ability to run properly. Without a properly functioning fuel pump, gas will literally not be pumped from the fuel tank into the engine itself. As you can see, without a fuel pump you have no running vehicle. So then, how will you know if you do in fact need a new fuel pump? There a few ways to tell when a fuel pump is starting to go.

Engine Sputtering

The fuel pump is not only responsible for bringing fuel into the engine, but also doing so constantly with the proper amount of pressure. If your vehicle sputters for a moment while driving down the highway at a constant speed, this could be a sign that the fuel pump is starting to deteriorate and will soon fail.

Vehicle Surges

Much like a random engine sputtering, your fuel pump can also cause your vehicle to accelerate forward (or surge) randomly without any added input from you. When a fuel pump goes bad, it could mean the fuel pump isn’t properly regulating the amount of fuel it supplies to the engine. This could lead to an accidental increase in fuel being forced into the engine, which causes the surge.

Loss of Power When Working Hard

An old fuel pump can still work fairly well when it’s not put under any undue stress. Once you add the extra requirements of climbing a steep hill or hauling a trailer, it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If your vehicle sputters, stalls, or simply just won’t go faster during these activities, then it’s possible that the fuel pump is the underlying issue.

Loss of Power When Accelerating

If you really give your vehicle gas but it doesn’t immediately respond, and then it suddenly takes off, it could be a sign of a bad fuel pump. Simply put, your foot is giving a command to one part of your car and the fuel pump isn’t responding correctly, so there is a back-order of “GO!”. Eventually, the fuel entering the engine from the fuel pump catches up, causing the sudden taking off of your vehicle.

Engine Doesn’t Start

If your engine isn’t starting, then your fuel pump is no longer intermittent like the previous four signs and it could be totally gone. Ideally, you do not want to ever get to this point as a total fail of the fuel pump could leave you stranded or worse. If your engine doesn’t start because of a bad fuel pump (or any reason for that matter), give your local Maryland auto repair company a call today.

If you believe your vehicle has a bad fuel pump due to any of these issues, or if you just don’t think your vehicle is running quite right, bring it in to your local Maryland auto mechanic today! Hillmuth is a certified and experience local auto mechanic serving all of central Maryland’s auto repair needs. To schedule an appointment to have Hillmuth look over your vehicle, contact Hillmuth today.

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