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Why Does my Car Smell Like Gas?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The smell of gasoline while driving or sitting in your car is a tell-tale warning sign of something wrong. You should never really smell gasoline in the interior of your vehicle. In fact, the smell of gasoline is something which needs to be checked out right away to prevent a dangerous incident. So with this in mind, let’s get down to figuring out why your car smells like gas.

Loose, Missing, or Faulty Gas Cap

A missing or faulty gas cap can lead to the smell of gas in your vehicle simply because there are some fumes escaping. If you have an issue, this is the one to hope for. Simply tighten your gas cap until it clicks. If the problem still persists, or your gas cap is missing, then you’ll need to have your gas cap replaced.

Leaking Fuel Injector

Another possible culprit will be your vehicle’s fuel injector. A fuel injector is responsible for bringing fuel into your engine, so if it goes bad for whatever reason then it could make your car smell like gas. Pop your hood and have a look at your fuel injector; if it is wet around this part of your car then you’ve found the culprit. Sometimes, diagnosing this issue won’t be quite that simple, so be sure you bring your vehicle into your local auto mechanic in Maryland if you smell gas.

Fuel Tank Leaks

The tell-tale sign of a leaking fuel tank will be a large wet spot on the pavement where you park your car. This kind of leak looks like a rainbow. If you don’t see this spot, still take a quick look underneath your vehicle for any wet spots on your fuel tank, just to be sure.

Leaking Fuel Line

Fuel lines will rot or become punctured over time—it happens. Especially with older vehicles. These lines are what run fuel from the fuel tank to your engine; so there are a lot of areas which could spring a leak. We recommend you consult with your trusted Maryland auto repair shop if you suspect a fuel line leak as these can be difficult fixes.

Faulty Emissions Systems

As part of the fuel burning process, there will be emissions which are expelled. One of the purposes of your fuel emissions systems is to ensure these emissions are safe and don’t stink. If the charcoal canister in your fuel emissions system, or any part of your emissions system for that matter, develops a leak it can smell like gas. This will commonly cause your check engine light to turn on as well; so if these things happen together it could be your emissions.

Maybe It’s Not You?

If you’re noticing a smell of gas in your car, it’s also entirely possible the source is someone or something else. If you’re driving on the highway or near gas stations there could be a spill or leak from something else causing the smell. Roll your windows down and give it another minute and smell again. If the smell is gone then it’s possible the leak wasn’t you but someone or something else.

At the end of the day, diagnosing why your car smells like gas can be quite a difficult and tedious task. For this reason, it’s recommended you bring your vehicle into your trusted Hillmuth Auto Care today. Here at Hillmuth, we have the experience and the skill to diagnose any of your car’s issues quickly so you can get your vehicle back on the road. Contact your local Hillmuth Auto Care to schedule an appointment, today!

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