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Does your Car’s Heat Work? Check it now.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Summer is winding down and before you know it, you’ll be saying goodbye to your car’s A/C setting and flipping on the heat! Now is the perfect time to check your heat and make sure it works properly. Before cold weather hits.

Common Heating Problems:

  1. Coolant is low. Your car’s heater functions with the help of your cooling system. When the coolant level is low, air gets trapped in the heater core and stops the flow of fresh coolant through the heating system.

  2. Thermostat is defective. If the temperature gauge in your car shows a higher than normal temperature but you don’t feel any warm air coming from the vents, your car’s thermostat may be defective or stuck in the closed position.

  3. Water pump is malfunctioning. The air blowing in your car is warm when you’re driving, but gets cold when you stop – what gives?! Your car’s water pump has an impeller that wears over time and becomes less efficient when the engine idles.

  4. Debris and build-up are present in the heating system. Grime and sediment often accumulate in your car’s heater core over time, most often during coolant changes. Having a licensed mechanic flush the old coolant out and put new coolant in typically remedies this issue.

  5. It takes longer than usual to heat up. Your engine needs time to warm up before warm air can be produced and moved through your car’s air vents. If your engine is taking significantly longer than 6-8 minutes to reach normal operating temperature, or if the engine temperature gauge never reaches the halfway point between hot and cold, you likely have a bigger issue on your hands.

Why Check Your Heat Now?

The main reason you want to check your heating system now is because your local repair shops won’t be inundated with heating repair requests. Not that this would ever affect the quality or price of your repair; it can affect how long you have to go without heat. So be prepared, and check your heating system now!

What to Do If Your Heat Stops Working:

Don’t panic! Hillmuth Auto Care is your local certified automotive mechanic in Maryland with 4 locations to more conveniently service you and your vehicle. Our experienced and professional repair technicians are equipped with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to repair your car’s heating system quickly and efficiently.

For more information on automotive heating repair, or to schedule an appointment, contact our professionals today.

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