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Why you Want Snow Tires this Winter

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

This winter is going to be a rough one. Maryland missed out on much of a snowy/icy season last year but that wont be the case this time. With snow and ice comes dangerous road conditions. Don’t take unnecessary risks, prepare for the season and invest in snow tires.

The Projected 2018 Winter

Winter tires aren’t always necessary here in Maryland, we’ve gone entire winters with only one or two snowfalls. And truly, you can go without winter tires during those periods if you’re careful and avoid driving on icy days. That said, according to long-range forecasts, and the farmer’s almanac we can expect to see a lot of snow this winter with up to 5 significant winter weather events projected. So you may actually need winter tires this year.


Your safety should always be your top priority. The last thing you want it to get into a wreck which could have been prevented if your tires slid when you tried to stop. Winter tires provide many safety features designed for the snow and ice that regular, “all-season” tires“ lack.

Tread Rubber

As temperatures drop lower, rubber changes a little bit. The rubber on your car tires’ tread will become stiffer in the cold and lose much of its traction. Winter tires are designed with this in mind. They use a rubber compound which allows the tread to remain flexible and keep that vital road traction intact.

Tread Patterns and Depth

If you’ve ever looked at your tires after driving through the snow, you probably noticed that the treads are full of snow. This also can lead to a serious loss of grip. Snow tires are designed with a deeper tread to reduce this buildup, in turn, providing better traction. They also have a pattern which channels the snow and slush then expels water from the tire.

In Maryland, You Really Should Have Winter Tires

Experts recommend anyone living in areas where temperatures are regularly under 45 degrees should have a set of four winter tires. And make sure you install all four! Only doing two still poses the risk of total traction loss. Just be sure to change the tires out after winter is over to prevent over wear of the softer rubber in the dry season.

This all can be a lot to do on your own, and can be even more hazardous if not done properly. You can never go wrong by taking your vehicle into a Maryland tire center like Hillmuth Auto Care to do the tire changes. Our team of professionals have nearly 40 years of experience in the tire industry and can install your winter tires correctly every time.

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