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Why Schedule Automobile Maintenance After Winter?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

You might not be feeling the slight adjustment in the temperature, but spring is around the corner. Since Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog, as well as his cousin in Potomac, didn’t see their shadows, springtime will arrive sooner than you might think. This implies that it is time you thought about the maintenance of your vehicle for the spring.

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If you drive your vehicle into one of the convenient locations of Hillmuth Automotive including Columbia, Glenwood, Gaithersburg, or Clarksburg, we will get it fixed with our maintenance care service, and make sure that it is in prime condition to face the springtime. We can change your snow tires back to regular, your vehicle’s oil to the warmer viscosity, and conduct a multiple point inspection. Spring is the best time to clean off the exterior of wintry and salt mix and tune up or replace parts damaged by the extreme cold weather.

Remember, your truck, SUV, or car requires much more than merely emergency repairs and oil changes. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of your automobile and can prevent unforeseeable problems too. For more service tips read here and bring your car to the experts at Hillmuth Certified Automotive without delay for spring vehicle maintenance. Call Hillmuth at the location nearest to you to schedule your vehicle’s maintenance.

Maintenance and Car Safety

A lot of drivers don’t quite realize that maintenance and car safety go hand in hand. Making sure you don’t break down at an inconvenient time is one reason to maintain your car regularly. The safety of the driver and any passengers can also be dependent upon proper maintenance.

Which Parts of Your Vehicle are Important to Maintain?

If your vehicle isn’t in good running condition, you shouldn’t be driving it, meaning that it’s essential to maintain all the parts. You could suffer a serious injury or even die if you are involved in an accident that’s caused in some way by poor maintenance of your car. To keep you and your passengers safe you should check and maintain your car regularly. These are some of the most critical areas when it comes to maintenance:


Being able to communicate with other drivers and making sure your vehicle can clearly be seen in the dark is obviously essential, and you have a higher risk of being in an accident if other drivers can’t see you. If you have dirty or cloudy lenses on your lights, or a taillight or headlight isn’t working, it can cause a big problem. It’s important to make sure the brake lights, interior lights and indicator lights are all working as they should.


Your car is much more likely to slide off the road if your tires have lost a lot of tread or otherwise aren’t in great condition. And the amount of control you have over your car when driving as well as the overall efficiency of your car can be affected by your tires. To minimize the possibility of an accident because of your tires, make sure they are always properly aligned, inflated to the recommended pressure and have sufficient tread remaining.


If you are driving at 20 mph, you should be able to safely stop, within 25 feet, when you apply the brakes. Clearly, one of the most essential components of any vehicle is the brakes. Don’t forget the brake linings and brake fluid, and your vehicle should remain in place without moving when you apply the parking brake.

High-Quality Car Maintenance Is the Answer

And there is also your emission system, hoses, and belts, mirrors, windshield and oil levels to think about, as well as the many other parts and systems that make up your vehicle. You’ll be a safer driver if you keep your car running and in good condition, although if you don’t have the expertise to do all that yourself, Hillmuth Certified Automotive can help. Call us today to make an appointment for routine maintenance and to find out if we’re currently offering any specials on maintenance.

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