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Basic Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

You may have previously heard that you should check your vehicle every time before getting in and driving off, but in reality, very few of us actually do that. Although it’s unlikely, you could have several issues lying in wait if you didn’t check for them beforehand, such as broken glass near your tires, an empty gas tank because the gas has all been siphoned out, or perhaps even the steering wheel missing.

Just as we need to visit the doctor every so often for a routine check-up, your car requires regular maintenance, just to be sure there aren’t any serious issues and it is safe to drive. Maintenance and safety are closely connected, and regularly getting all of the working parts of your car in good operating order can help prolong its life. Maintaining your car regularly may even help to save your life. If some of the parts on your car are not functioning properly, it can easily lead to an accident, sometimes with devastating results.

We all want to be safe when we drive, and here at Hillmuth Certified Automotive, we believe that your car is a lot more reliable if you have routine maintenance carried out regularly at any of our four locations:  Gaithersburg, Glenwood, Columbia, or Clarksville. You can help in extending the life of your vehicle and the life of the many components that are part of it. Regularly looking after your car can save you money too, as it can identify those small and easy to fix issues and prevent them from becoming serious and costly repairs. Two of the easiest items to maintain on your vehicle that often get over looked are air filters and oil filters.

Air Filters

Hillmuth Certified Automotive recommends that to keep your vehicle at its best, replace its air

Certified Mechanics

Oil Filters

Oil is a lubricant. It is required for the proper functioning of your vehicle. It plays a vital role in the proper functioning of an engine, in which it helps lessen friction between all moving components. Without the protective layer that is provided by oil, the extreme heat generated from the engine would melt its functioning components. As oil runs through the system of your vehicle, it collects contaminants such as grime, dirt, and sludge, which can cause harm to the engine. The oil filter acts as a barrier to trap these contaminants and prevent them from mixing with the oil. However, the filter can trap only a limited amount of grime and sludge. Over time, the miscellaneous debris will break down the defenses of the filter. When this happens, the oil becomes dirty. Apart from being less effective, dirty oil can permanently damage some parts of your vehicle. An oil, and filter, change are considered a significant part of vehicle maintenance. Contact Hillmuth Certified Automotive to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment today.

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