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3 Myths about Manual Transmissions

We’ve all heard the arguments about whether manuals or automatics are better overall vehicles. Trust us when we say we’ve had a few of these arguments ourselves. Today, we’d like to clear up 3 myths about manual transmissions to help everyone understand what facts are true and false in this ongoing debate.

Myth 1: Better Gas Mileage

This myth actually used to be true. The reason it’s on the list is that over the past few years automatics are beginning to beat-out manual transmissions in the fuel-efficiency game. In short, automatics used to be inefficient in their operation, but as technology has progressed the computers used to shift gears are starting to become more efficient than humans.

Myth 2: Manuals are Cheaper

This one is up for debate. You could argue that manuals do typically cost less when you purchase them, and if you end up going to repair anything with the transmission an automatic transmission repair can be pricey. That said, automatics have come a long way, and most automatic transmissions these days are created to last the lifetime of the vehicle. In contrast, a manual clutch replacement will need to be done once or twice over a manual vehicle’s lifetime.

manual myth - manuals provide more driving control - adult driving a fiat

Myth 3: More Control

Downshifting to take advantage of engine breaking, and delaying an up-shift to speed up faster provides more control of a vehicle and are features that were historically exclusive to manual transmissions. Now, we are seeing newer automatic transmissions offer these same features with manual modes. Not to mention, newer vehicles have many more safety features built-in to allow more control such as ABS or stability control, which means no transmission type offers more control than the other.

At the end of the day, manuals and automatics are still very even with their individual advantages and disadvantages. As it stands today, it’s all about personal preference. Over time, we will see this story start to change as technology progresses, but for the time being, continue to have dinner-table discussions over which transmission is best. Just be sure you don’t bring up one of these 3 myths about manual transmissions.

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