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7 Unique Ways to Clear Your Car of Snow

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

With snow already in the upcoming forecast, Maryland is due for some wintry weather this year. Unfortunately even when it snows, you still have to go to work. Here are some quick tips on how to clear your car of snow in the mornings.

Use your Windshield Wiper Fluid

If you come out and see that your car has frost across the windshield, a little fluid will work great! The chemicals in the fluids actually melt away that pesky ice. With this said, make sure your wipers are turned off before you turn your car off. If the wipers become frozen and you turn the car on with them turned on, it could ruin the wiper mechanism. Make sure the wipers are not frozen before using this tip as well.

Extra tip! You can buy special de-icer windshield wiper fluid that works even better for just this problem.

Buy Windshield Covers

Another great product we don’t see very often is a windshield cover. A large, tarp-like product that goes from mirror to mirror and covers your windshield. When it comes time to leave the house, all you have to do is remove the cover and all the snow comes with it! Just shake it off thoroughly so you don’t get snow in your car, and throw it into the trunk.

Use Bags to Cover Mirrors

Once you are done driving for the day, go inside and grab some plastic bags. Put them around your mirrors and then use rubber bands to seal the bags off. This little addition will keep the snow and ice off your mirrors. Because nothing is worse than having a mirror you can’t see out of while driving.

Park Your Car Facing East

The sun rises in the east in the mornings. So if your car is facing that way, the front of the vehicle will begin to melt before you even start any process yourself!

Turn Your Front and Rear Defrosters On

Once you get the door open, put your keys in the ignition and turn the car on so it can begin to warm up. You should also put the front and rear defrosters on full blast immediately to help you out while you’re cleaning the car of the snow. If you have an automatic start car, leave the defrosters on when you turn the car off, that way when you start it up, they’re already going for you.

Start From the Top

Begin removing snow from the roof of your car and work your way down the front, back, and sides. This way you don’t end up with any snow on areas you already cleaned. Use a step-stool to reach the roof if the car is too tall for you. You should also pull the snow off the car instead of pushing it. Get off all the snow possible. It can be hazardous, and in many states illegal, to drive with piles of snow on top of your car as it can become loose while driving and fly off into another car behind you.

Brave the Storm

One of the best ways to make your morning easier, it to go out periodically and remove the built up snow. By doing this an hour into the storm, 3 hours, and once over night, you’ll save a lot of hassle in the morning. Instead of dealing with 5 inches of snow and ice, you might only have 1 inch or less. The ice won’t have as much of a cover to be protected from the sun. You can also shovel the path in your drive way to keep bottom layers from being packed down tightly.

Always make sure you use proper tools to clear your car of snow and ice. Using tools not meant for cars can lead to serious damage to your car or possibly yourself. Avoid any unnecessary mistakes and use some of these tips the next time you go out and see snow or ice on your car. And if you would like any more tips call your trusted Maryland Auto Mechanics at Hillmuth Auto Care, today!

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