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Bona Fide Certified

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

You wouldn’t let a whack job surgeon open you up without a PhD., would you? And you’d never let someone who can’t even spell “CPR” lifeguard for your kids either, right? The same requirements apply to getting the right care for your vehicle. Demand a higher standard of auto care and get it serviced by someone with certification. Someone you can trust—like a Hillmuth Automotive technician.

Our Hillmuth mechanics are ASE certified and receive ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest and greatest technology in the field. Why? Because we care about our customers and adhere to a higher standard of reliability and quality service. Carrying the seal of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is not only a benefit to our customers, but a testament to our dedication to our work as well.

So don’t bother taking the risk with non-certified companies. Without the expertise and knowledge base, their work may be shoddy or unnecessarily expensive, and you may be coming back in for even more repairs soon. When you weigh that dreaded possibility against the tried and tested 34+ years that Hillmuth Automotive has been in business, the competition just doesn’t stack up. And that’s not even counting the combined experience that our full team of seasoned technicians has altogether.

At Hillmuth, you get efficient, effective, and knowledgeable service. And you leave here a satisfied customer. To us, our reputation is more meaningful than our credentials, but it’s that satisfied smile on your face that is the most important badge of all.

Get the auto care you can trust by bringing in your car to a Hillmuth near you today.

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