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How Pollen Affects Your Vehicle

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Spring is almost in the air here in Maryland, and with spring comes flowers, and with the flowers comes pollen. Pollen may take a toll on your sinuses, but it can also take a toll on your car! Both your car’s exterior and interior are impacted by pollen build up, so it is important to understand what to keep an eye on. Let’s look at some ways pollen impacts your vehicle, as well as some ways to prevent this environmental threat from doing damage to your car.

Your Car’s Exterior

On the exterior of your car pollen can have a negative impact on both your paint and your windshield. Pollen can quickly coat the outside of your car and if unattended to can leave a sticky, dirty mess to clean up. Over time this buildup can begin to deteriorate the car’s paint job, potentially leading to chips, and eventually rust. To help prevent this buildup, it’s important to wash your car frequently and use a wax coating to help protect the paint.

In addition to the paint on your vehicle, pollen can also accumulate on your windshield and create a mess for your wipers to clean up. When your wipers are not in tip top shape, they may have a hard time cleaning the windshield, impacting your visibility while driving. To ensure you can see as well as possible, and to ensure you don’t do damage to your wipers, make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition, and make sure your wiper fluid is filled and functioning properly.

Your Car’s Mechanics

Pollen can also have an impact on your car’s mechanics. Pollen can clog air filters quickly, especially when it is heavy in the air. By checking and changing your filters frequently, especially in spring and summer, you can prevent issues with your car and ensure you are breathing clean, filtered air. To make sure your car continues to run at peak performance, make sure to keep an eye that it’s interior and engine remain clean and clear of excessive pollen build up.

Pollen not only caused discomfort for those of us with seasonal allergies, it can also cause problems with you car if the proper precautions and maintenance procedures aren’t taken. If you have questions about getting your car ready for spring, our team at Hillmuth Auto would love to help you get your car ready for the upcoming season. Call today to speak with a certified Maryland auto mechanic!

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