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How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you’ve ever taken a road trip with kids, you know just how frustrating it can be. Kids are restless and keeping them content and seated for a long period of time can be quite the challenge. Here are some tips on how to survive a road trip with kids.

Snacks and Drinks

A “quick” pit-stop along the way is never truly quick. What was supposed to be two minutes at a fast-food stop turns into 25 because they have a playroom. Avoid having to make pit stops for food and drink by packing a cooler for the trip. Pre-pack snacks in plastic baggies and have some “tricks” up your sleeve such as sweets or a special type of juice pack to bribe the kids if they’re good.

Line-up Travel-time with Nap-time

If your kid(s) will easily nap during a car ride, then use this to your advantage. Line up the trip with their nap-time so they don’t have to spend the entire car ride awake. It’s a win-win for both of you. You get a peaceful, distraction-free drive and your kids can avoid being bored during the trip by being asleep.

Pack a Portable Potty

If you’re going to pack drinks, it might make sense to pack a potty as well. With adults, we can hold it or plan out our bathroom trips, but with kids who have bladders the size of a walnut it’s never that simple. There are many different types of portable potties for cars that will help to make your road trip a little easier; be sure you test it out with your kid before the trip to ensure they are comfortable using it.

Vehicle Maintenance

One important piece to the puzzle here is to be sure you actually get to your destination on time and without any hiccups. If you thought a road trip would be bad, imagine being stuck on the side of a highway for a few hours waiting for a tow truck and then waiting for your vehicle to be repaired. To avoid these issues, be sure to get your vehicle in to your local Maryland mechanic in the weeks leading up to your road trip for a full inspection.

Movies and Books

If your vehicle is equipped with a DVD player, feel blessed. Back in our day we didn’t have these things, and guess what? We’re all jealous of how putting a few movies on during a road trip can really settle things down. The day before your trip, take the kids to the local library and have them pick out a few DVDs or books for the road. If you don’t have a DVD player, you can purchase a portable one for fairly cheap and use that—just be sure to pack car chargers for all the electronics.

Stop to Smell the Roses

Stop at planned destinations along the way to let the kids stretch their legs and burn off their energy. Don’t announce the destinations ahead of time unless you want them asking “are we there yet”. Give them a 15 minute heads up, and always phrase it as “if you’re good…”.Stopping at these destinations also gives you the time to relax yourself and do a quick vehicle check-up. Proper vehicle maintenance is key to arriving at your destination safe and sound.

For more help with surviving your road trip with kids, and more specifically, help for your vehicle to survive the trip, give your local Maryland auto mechanic a call. Here at Hillmuth Auto Care, we help drivers keep their vehicles on the road longer with our experienced service and fair prices. To schedule an appointment, fill out the form on our website or give your nearest location a call today!

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