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I Hear a Noise When I Brake

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you hear a strange noise when you apply your brakes, it could be cause for concern. Not all noises are inherently bad, but some are more worrisome than others. If you hear a noise when braking in your car, here are some of the potential reasons why this happens and what the noise means.


One noise which your brakes can emit is a squealing noise. If your brakes squeal when you go to stop, it could mean your pads are getting low and hitting the wear indicators. If you hear this noise after recently receiving a brake or rotor replacement service, then the squealing should go away after a few days as the brakes break-in.

Some other possibilities for a squealing sound could be that the clips which hold the brake pads in place are broken. Regardless of the reason, if you hear squealing from your brakes, bring your vehicle into a Maryland brake repair center immediately.


Normally, your brake pad will press against the brake rotor to help bring your vehicle to a stop. When the actual “pad” portion of your brake pad wears down, all that is left is metal. This can lead to a grinding noise. A second possibility here would be that some sort of debris could get in your brakes and simulate this grinding sound.

Another reason for a grinding noise could be rust. If the noise happens following a rainy day, and then disappears after a few minutes, it could be that rust formed on your pads. The noise going away is because the rust has scraped away after a few minutes of use and then should be good to go.

Regardless of what is causing the grinding, it’s definitely a good idea to bring your vehicle into a Maryland brake specialist today to have them diagnose and fix the issue.


Sometimes, braking can make a wobbling noise with your vehicle. This noise is commonly associated with a warped rotor. The noise itself can also typically be felt through the steering wheel. It is possible to have your rotors turned down by an experienced brake service center in Maryland. If the rotors are too thin or the mechanic feels that turning them down won’t work, then you’ll need to replace your rotors to fix this issue.

If you’re hearing noises when you brake, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle into your local auto mechanic for service. Your brakes are easily the most important part of your vehicle because if these systems malfunction, it can be deadly. For this reason, it’s important to have your vehicle regularly serviced by an experienced Maryland mechanic such as Hillmuth Auto Care. For more information on our auto repair service, give your local Hillmuth Auto Care a call today!

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