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Is Car Maintenance Different from Model to Model?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When comparing cars, one common descriptor used is the “model” of the car. The model of a car is the name given to the car by a particular manufacturer—commonly referred to as the “make”. So, when comparing two different car makers, the car maintenance can be very different; but is car maintenance different from model to model? The answer is, it depends.

Does my car’s make affect my car’s maintenance needs?

When comparing car models from two different car makers, there will be different car maintenance needs. Each manufacturer makes their cars a little differently than the next; and these differences are usually why it’s best to have your car services by a trained and certified Maryland mechanic. With so many different car manufacturers, the different needs for car maintenance between different car makers can be staggering.

Is car maintenance different from model to model of the same make?

Typically, we find there are similar car maintenance needs within each manufacturer’s line of vehicles. This is mostly because the technology behind the manufacturer’s designs will be similar and they will use similar parts between car models. That said, each model of vehicle within a particular manufacturer’s line of automobiles will be different enough that the maintenance needs for one model may be drastically different than a similar but different model.

Car maintenance is different from model to model

How does the year of my car affect car maintenance?

With each new year comes new improvements in the reliability and safety of automobiles. This is why when comparing the maintenance needs of a vehicle the year is important. The car maintenance needs for a 2002 and a 2003 will be much more similar than the needs of a 1997 and a 2012—but there are many instances where the differences one year makes are drastic. This is why when your Maryland auto repair shop asks what year, make, and model your vehicle is, the year is just as important.

Regardless of the year, make, or model of your vehicle, it’s important to have regular maintenance performed by a trained and certified Maryland auto repair shop. Here at Hillmuth Auto Care, we understand car maintenance can be different from model to model and we know those differences. To schedule an appointment with one of our Howard County or Montgomery County, MD Auto service locations, visit our website to find the location closest to you.

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