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Is Running Out of Gas Bad for Your Car?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Running out of gas is a real bummer whether you’re just learning to drive or you’ve been on the road for years. It can happen to anyone in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but one must wonder: Is running out of gas bad for your car?

Let’s take a look!

Your Fuel Pump May Suffer

In certain vehicles, the fuel pump can suffer damages when you run out of gas. For better or worse, your gas is one of the ways your fuel pump stays cool. When there is no gas, the fuel pump can heat to problematic levels.

By the by, this is not a huge issue for most vehicles. However, certain cars that use fuel injection systems are more vulnerable than the rest. Diesel vehicles are also at a higher risk than others, as an empty tank can lead to moisture getting into the fuel system.

Your Catalytic Converter Will Overheat

To help reduce emissions by converting harmful gasses into more manageable ones, your vehicle has a catalytic converter. When your car runs out of gas, the catalytic converter can get hotter than it should, but the heat is negligible.

Final Word on Running Out of Gas

You car can probably handle it. Though many owner’s manuals may advise against it, running out of gas in your car will probably not destroy the fuel pump or the catalytic converter. You may however, have to push your car a ways before you find a gas station. Though not permanently damaging, it sure is a drag.

One thing to keep an eye on when you run low on gas is that not all fuel gauges are completely accurate. Some can misjudge the amount of gas in your system and thus, leave you stranded before you get your car fueled up. Keep and eye on it and be safe out there.

Before you get stranded on the road, buy a small gas can and keep it in the trunk of your car. That way, if you do run out of gas on the road, you can simply walk to a gas station and leave your car where it is. Similarly, most gas stations sell gas cans for purchase.

Hillmuth Can Help You with Your Vehicle

If you think your car has suffered from running out of gas or for any other reason, then come down to Hillmuth. We can help you get rolling again.

Give us a call today or fill out the contact form on our website to learn more about our Gaithersburg, Maryland car service.

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