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Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Is the air conditioning working?

It makes perfect sense that you didn’t turn on the air conditioning all winter and spring, but summer is coming. The sun will turn your car into a heated metal cage, which will only get hotter on wide expanses of asphalt. Ensure that you and your family are going to be cool and comfortable by testing out the A/C and getting the necessary repairs in place before you hit the road.

Are your tires in tip-top shape?

If it’s been a long time since you replaced one, then it’s definitely time to check out your tires. Issues like bumps in the sidewalls and dry rot are quite serious. Combined with hot weather, you could have a flat tire in very short order. If you have any of those tire issues or if your tires are simply worn out, you should definitely get your tires serviced before you start driving for the summer.

Have you replaced the fluids?

You probably change your oil on a regular basis, but how often do you change your other fluids? Don’t forget that coolant, power steering, transmission, and brake fluids are all integral parts of keeping an automobile in good working order. If any of these fluids look darker than usual, or at all burnt, it’s time to flush out the system and replace the fluid, pronto.

How’s your paint looking?

The sun’s heat and brightness can do a number on your car’s paint job. Make sure your car is regularly washed, polished, and waxed to keep your vehicle looking and running like new.

Whatever you need to get your vehicle summer-ready, Hillmuth Certified Automotive is qualified to perform the maintenance or upkeep job necessary. Make sure that your car is performing at top-speed by getting it checked out and serviced by a professional.

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