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Maintaining a Hybrid Vehicle

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Maintaining a hybrid vehicle is inherently even trickier. If you’re a proud owner of an environmentally friendly hybrid, here are some things you should know about hybrid maintenance and preventive care.

Typically, hybrid batteries last 7-10 years, a product lifespan that can be shortened by other untreated fuel system, engine, or drivetrain performance problems. Battery replacement can be relatively expensive compared to preventive maintenance, so it’s best to have your hybrid car regularly checked and tuned up to stay ahead of the game and prolong the life of the battery, and possibly other auto parts.

One unfortunate and misguided myth is that you need to go to the dealership for hybrid battery maintenance. On the contrary, taking it to the dealer can be quite expensive and taking it to Hillmuth won’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. To boot, since our mechanics are trained in the maintenance and repair of all sorts of hybrids, they can offer additional, well-rounded expertise that equates to better service for your hybrid car.

Another myth is that problems with the hybrid battery always end in replacement. That’s not always true. Regenerating your hybrid’s battery is often a viable solution in lieu of a more expensive replacement.

There are many more nuances of working with hybrid vehicles. Bring yours to a convenient Hillmuth Automotive location near you to ensure that your hybrid has the proper care it deserves. Swing by or schedule an appointment today!

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