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Maintenance and Safety Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

How often do we hop in the car and drive off in a mad dash to get somewhere? All the time, it seems, right? Does anyone really walk fully around and check their car like you’re supposed to before getting in? How do you know that a car thief didn’t come in the night and steal a wheel before your morning commute? What about broken glass in the parking lot near us, or trash in the driveway? We are lucky to even check the gas before we scramble off for the day.

The point is, how do you know your car is running well and healthily if you don’t have a professional check on it regularly? Just as doctors recommend getting a routine physical exam, your complex, fragile, and taken-for-granted vehicle needs routine checkups for keeping its operable health up to snuff. And keep in mind, your car’s health can directly relate to your own, and the safety of every passenger inside, if certain parts break or malfunction.

At Hillmuth Automotive, we believe that a well-maintained car is a safer car. Our experienced mechanics can perform seasonal checkups and tune-ups and preventive care, diagnosing issues and spotting potential threats before they cause damage or lead to an unsafe situation. Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained is also the best way to extend the life of the whole and the parts. In the long run, it not only keeps you safer, but can also save you money from buying a new car sooner than you’d like or spending on heavy repairs that could have been prevented if spotted earlier.

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