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Should I run the A/C during the Winter?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021


The A/C is also designed to dehumidfy the air, which pulls moisture out of the air inside your car. When temperatures outside of your car are lower than the temperatures inside, there is a chance that condensation or fog could form on your windows. This can make driving much harder and even dangerous. Fortunatly, if you flip on the A/C, this should solve your problem by lowering your humidity and unfogging your windows.

Keeping Warm

“But won’t I get cold?”. Nope. Just make sure that your temperature control is set to heat and you should feel the expected hot air jetting out at you. You may not want to run the A/C all of the time, however, as it isn’t energy efficient to do so. Just switch it on when you notice your windows are fogging up or if the air feels uncomfortable.

Climate Control

If you have climate control, this should automatically be taken care of for you. When you turn the heating on, the air conditioning compressor should kick on as needed. If you aren’t noticing a difference or your windows remain fogged, you may want to get your climate control checked by a mechanic.

Keep Your Car Functioning Well

In addition to giving you a more comfortable ride, running your A/C during the winter will also help to maintain it. Running your air conditioning will prevent deterioration of its components during the cold months. It will prevent loss of refrigerant and expensive repairs ultimately saving you money in the long run.

My A/C isn’t working…what now?

It’s the middle of the winter and you’ve realized that your A/C is on the fritz. Don’t panic! Just bring it in to a mechanic who can diagnose and repair the problem. It’s good you’ve caught it now – finding out in the summer when you really need it would have been disastrous! The mechanics at Hillmuth Certified Automotive have the experience and expertise to get your air conditioning working again – give us a call today for more information.

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