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Snow Tires and You

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Winter is on its way and Maryland weather being what it is, snow is most likely on the way as well. Driving in the snow can be a little dangerous whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned trucker. Snow tires can help your vehicle handle the slippery white mess that will soon cover the roadways.

What are Snow Tires?

Snow tires, also known as “Winter Tires”, are tires for your vehicle that are better suited for winter weather. These tires come in both studded and non-studded varieties and provide better traction when dealing with the slippery conditions that come with ice and snow. The rubber of these tires is more flexible than the rubber on all-season tires, making it better for gripping to the roads as they roll.

What If I Have All-Season Tires?

All season tires don’t have the kind of flexibility that you’ll need to handle slippery road conditions. Though your car will certainly still operate, you might not experience the same level of handling on ice. Think of it like this: You can certainly walk on snow with sneakers, but you’re not going to be as comfortable as you would be if you wore proper snow boots.

Snow tires are basically snow boots for your car. They’ll make a difference.

Can I Use Winter Tires Year Round?

Though winter tires are great for freezing temperatures, they’re not as effective in warmer weather. Winter tires are known to wear out much faster on warm, dry pavement due to that amazing flexibility that makes them great in other arenas.

The flexibility of winter tires also worsens their performance during warmer months.

Are Winter Tires Worth It?

Investing in a whole new set of tires can seem like a costly venture, but safety is always worth the expense. If you lived in Georgia or another state that doesn’t see much snow, the tires wouldn’t be as important, but for the unforgiving nature of Maryland’s winters? Snow tires are worth the investment.

Hillmuth Can Help You With Winter Tires

If you want to have your vehicle outfitted with winter tires before the snow starts to fall, come to one of our shops in Clarksville, Columbia, Glenwood, or Gaithersburg. We can help you find the right tires for your vehicle so that you can drive confidently all winter long.

Contact us today to set up an appointment or simply come on in!

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