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Strut Your Stuff for Humanim

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Throughout the months of September and October of 2017, Hillmuth Auto Care will be offering 4 struts for the price of 3. Additionally, you can also save another $80 through a rebate offered by Monroe® shocks and struts.

Combine all these offers together, and you could experience a savings of up to $400!

All for a service which most cars need in their lifetime, but is often overlooked by vehicle owners until it’s too late. Here at Hillmuth, we’ll inspect your vehicle and let you know the current state of your suspension system. If you need struts, then get them during the Strut Your Stuff for Humanim event for major savings!

So what does this have to do with Humanim?

10% of the cost of parts and labor will be donated to Humanim to help finance defibrillators. Humanim is an amazing organization who builds pathways to economic opportunity by empowering individuals who face social or economic challenges. They’re a terrific part of our community, and we’re honored to help raise whatever we can for them.

Why is it Called “Strut Your Stuff”?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right words. SO we made a video…

We won’t be asking you to strut your stuff, literally. But we do ask that you come get your struts checked out and help support this amazing cause at the same time!

What Do Struts Do?

Your vehicles shock and struts are there to absorb bumps. Without shock absorption, the rest of your vehicle would rattle so much after every bump that parts would fall off. In addition to absorbing bumps, struts affect your ability to control your vehicle through turns and when braking. In short, worn struts lead to an uncomfortable ride.

When Should I Replace my Struts?

Struts usually have a lifespan of anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 miles depending on how often you drive in the rain or on rough terrain as well as the type of struts installed. The most common symptom of struts going bad will be that your ride isn’t as smooth or crisp as it once was. Another sign of bad struts is a clicking or cracking noise when turning.

Have your Struts Checked Out!

Have your vehicle inspected by your local Hillmuth Auto Care. We’ll let you know if you need struts, or not. If you don’t need struts then that’s great! We’ll let you know how much life you have left in them, and give you an appraisal of any other issues going on with your vehicle. With winter around the corner, a good vehicle check-up is a smart idea.

And if you’re not buying struts, consider donating directly to Humanim here!

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