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How Do I Get Good Gas Mileage?

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is how they can improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tips and tricks out there to get better gas mileage, here at Hillmuth we know some real, proven ways to get better gas mileage. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control can improve your fuel-efficiency because it prevents constant harsh acceleration and breaking. It’s best to limit the use of cruise control to highways though as they offer more gradual changes in elevation; when it starts to get too hilly your cruise control will not work very well.

A/C vs. Windows Down

We’re sure you’ve had a debate of whether using A/C or putting the windows down will provide more fuel efficient temperature control when its hot out. The truth is, neither one is definitively more efficient than the other. On one end, A/C uses a little extra fuel while putting the windows down reduces your car’s aerodynamics leading to more energy needed to maintain higher speeds. So, the real truth is that the best way to improve fuel efficiency is to avoid using either as much as possible.

Stay Below 60 MPH

The faster you go, the more gas you will need to maintain your speed. At about 60 mph, your car will begin to consume quite a bit more fuel; so for fuel-efficiency’s sake stay below 60. A good measure, as each car will be slightly different, is to ensure your RPMs stay below 2,000-3,000 when on the highway.

Shed Some Weight

Professional race cars don’t have rear seats and fancy upholstery because every ounce of weight reduction leads to more efficiency in their vehicle. While we’re not suggesting you take out all of the seats in your car; we would suggest you clean out the trunk. For ever 100 pounds you can eliminate from your ride, you could reduce your fuel consumption by up to 1 MPG.


Your local Maryland auto mechanic doesn’t just suggest to come back every 3,000 miles for fun. They know regular maintenance keeps your car working efficiently to avoid major vehicle repairs and to improve fuel efficiency. When talking about fuel-efficiency this is especially true with your vehicle’s tire and filter maintenance. A properly maintained vehicle will be more aerodynamic and more efficient overall reducing the usage of fuel.

At The Gas Pump

Be sure you’re buying the recommended gas for your vehicle. Just because one type of gas is more expensive doesn’t mean it is best for your car. Go with whatever type of gas the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. And don’t forget to twist that gas cap tightly when you’re done pumping so your gas doesn’t evaporate.

Hillmuth Auto Care is a Maryland auto repair and maintenance service center with locations in Clarksville, Columbia, Gaithersburg, and Glenwood, MD. For more information on our Maryland auto repair services, or to schedule a tune-up to improve fuel efficiency, give your local Hillmuth Auto Care a call today.

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