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How to Organize your Car for under $20

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you’re heading out on a road trip, or are simply tired of how dirty and disorganized your car is, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some organizational ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you get your vehicle organized and stay clean for little or not cost to you.

Keep Grocery Bags Handy

Grocery bags are a life-saver out on the road, especially if you have kids. They’re the perfect thing to use to bag up trash, dirty diapers, or wet clothes in a flash. The next time you empty out a tissue box, stuff it full of grocery bags and then shove the box under your passenger seat for a quick and simple bag storage container.

DIY Car Trash Can

For a few bucks, you can head to your local dollar store and pick-up a re-usable cereal container. These are the perfect vehicle trash cans because they don’t have a large footprint on the floor, and they snap closed. Simply pop in another grocery bag (see tip #1) in the trash can whenever it gets full and dispose of your old one every time you’re at the gas pump.

Trunk Organizer Bins

Some of these trunk bins will cost you a pretty penny, but you can certainly find a quality one (or set of three) for under $20. These bins are a great way to keep your truck organized, and it’s a catch-all container for those smaller items which don’t exactly have a home, or for when you go grocery shopping.

Use a Tackle Box

If you’re someone with a lot of tiny things in your vehicle which need to be organized, go out and buy a tackle box. You can find a fairly good one for under $20 and it will have plenty of compartments for all your little items like hair ties, band-aids, and chap-stick. It’s perfect for the car not only because it’s a great organizer, but because it can lock shut.

Entertainment Tupperware

Looking for ways to keep your kids occupied during a trip, but also want things to stay organized? Put their favorite toys and coloring materials in a storage container with a snap-on lid. So long as all their items make it in the storage container (probably the hardest part), you’ll have a traveling entertainment bin with enough stuff to keep the kids occupied while also keeping your organizational sanity.

If you’re planning a road trip, and that’s why you’re looking for organizational tips, be sure to bring your vehicle into your local auto repair experts at Hillmuth Auto Care for a check-up. Hillmuth is the area’s leading automotive service center for nearly 40 years and has the skill to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready to make the trip. Schedule an appointment today at one of our service locations in Clarksville, Gaithersburg, Columbia, or Glenwood, MD.

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