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Tire Maintenance Tips

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the tires. On the tires rest the whole weight of the vehicle and they are also partially responsible for the acceleration and braking of your vehicle. So, when tires aren’t working at the best of their ability, it puts the whole car at risk for inefficiencies or accidents. Keep your tires in the best condition possible with these tire maintenance tips.

Inspect the Tire

Make it a habit to check your vehicle’s tires before each trip to ensure they aren’t damaged. Not only should you check that the tires aren’t flat, but also look for any flaking on the tire and check that the wheel well and surrounding areas also look up to par. Check the tread: there should be enough tread on your tire that when you put a quarter in between the grooves (Washington’s head-first) then it will cover part of the top of his head. Lastly, look to ensure the tread is wearing evenly across the tire.

Check the Air Pressure.

Air pressure is the most important aspect of a well-maintained tire. If you’re not sure how to check your tire’s air pressure, bring it in to a local auto mechanic and have them show you. Your tire’s air pressure needs to be at the recommended level for your specific tire. To find the manufacturer’s recommended (cold) tire pressure for your vehicle, look for the placard which is traditionally located inside the driver’s door jam. It looks like the one below.

Tire pressure information guide

Tire Rotation

Your tires wear differently depending on whether they sit in the front or rear of the car, and if they’re on the right or left side. To get the maximum life and performance from your tires, you should have them rotated every other oil change, or every 6,000 miles. This tire rotation service will help to balance out any uneven tire wear giving your tires a longer lifespan.

Wheel and Tire Balancing

Tires need to be accurately and professionally balanced otherwise they can wobble. This tiny wobble can lead to much larger problems down the road such as uneven tire wear or even damage to other parts of your vehicle which are much more expensive to fix. For this reason, it’s important to have your tires balanced and rotated at the same time by a trained Maryland tire service center.

Wheel Alignment

It makes sense to have your alignment checked and adjusted if needed about every 15,000 miles . If tires get misaligned, it can cause larger mechanical issues with your vehicle and uneven tire wear. This is one service you want to have performed by a licensed and trained auto mechanic in Maryland because it can quickly lead to a tire blow-out.

If you think your vehicle’s tires or any other components need attention, get in touch with your local, Maryland auto repair experts. Hillmuth Auto Care has a dedicated approach to automotive maintenance and repair. We do our best to complete all services in a timely fashion and to maintain trusted relationships, keeping our customers safe on the road with their vehicles running as long as possible. To schedule an appointment, give your nearest location a call, or fill out the form on our website today!

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