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Why is my Car Stalling?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When vehicles stall out, it can be quite a stressful situation. There are a lot of reasons your vehicle would stall out, so to be sure that it doesn’t happen again, let’s work to figure out what is causing the stalling in the first place. Here are some of the possible reasons your car stalled out.

Worn Alternator

Many components of more modern vehicles require a steady flow of electricity to properly function. When these components don’t get their required electricity, they can begin to malfunction or run poorly. Where the battery starts the vehicle, once it begins to run the alternator takes over to run all the electronic components and charge the battery. If your vehicle have a rough idle, has poor acceleration, hesitates, misfire, or stalls out the culprit could be a worn alternator.

Bad Spark Plugs

If your vehicle is difficult to start and/or misfires quite consistently, then it’s possible your issue is a bad spark plug. This is an easy fix if you know what you’re doing; simply clean or replace the spark plugs. That said, each manufacturer requires certain types of spark plugs and not all spark plugs are equal. In fact, in some cases you can’t tell if the spark plug is worn simply by looking at it. These types of plugs should be replaced at certain mileage and time intervals and be part of your regular maintenance schedule. If you’d rather let a professional mechanic replace your spark plugs, then visit a local Glenwood auto mechanic today.

Worn Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is the part of your vehicle which brings the fuel into the engine. If this part of your vehicle is worn or not working to its full capacity, this can lead to stalling of the engine because there simply isn’t enough fuel. If your vehicle is sputtering, and seems to stall out more often the higher the demand, a broken fuel pump could be the problem. Be sure to relay this information to your Hillmuth auto repair shop in Glenwood, MD.

Low Fuel Pressure

Did your vehicle stall while going up or down a hill? This could be a sign that your fuel pressure isn’t adequate. It’s important to relay the information of when the issue happens to your mechanic to help them in diagnosing the issue more efficiently. If you’ve noticed your vehicle sputters or stalls when going up-hill, be sure to get it into an auto mechanic in your area right away.

Many More Causes

Vehicles are more complex and require great knowledge to thoroughly test multiple component in order to verify the cause of the staling issues. To properly diagnose an issue, proper tools, equipment, and experience is required. One problem could be the cause of one component, if not many other components. The best thing to do to as an educated consumer is to follow a good maintenance plan and stick to following that plan strictly.

If your engine ever stalls, it’s not something you want to wait out and see if it gets better. An engine stalling is a sign of a much greater problem waiting to happen. Bring your vehicle into your local Hillmuth Auto Care repair expert today and have them assess the situation. To schedule an appointment, visit our website and find a Hillmuth Auto Care location near you!

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