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Why do I Need a Tire Alignment?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

We’ve all heard about tire alignments, and probably even had a few alignments performed on our vehicles. But why is an alignment necessary for our vehicles? In this article, we’ll go over what an alignment does, why it’s important, and why you should have yours done.

What does a Tire Alignment do?

An alignment, when performed by a professional tire service center in Maryland, actually adjusts a vehicle’s suspension and not tires. This alignment adjustment ensures proper tire contact with the ground. During a tire alignment, your Maryland auto mechanic will check your tire’s camber, toe, and caster alignment. Then, your mechanic will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your tires are properly aligned.

Why is an Alignment Important?

Alignments are important for vehicles because they help to keep your tires operating at peak efficiency. If your tires are out of alignment it can cause uneven wear-and-tear. In addition, misaligned tires can cause your vehicle to pull one way or another when driving, vibrate, or even cause the steering wheel to be off center. If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to bring your vehicle to a local Maryland tire repair shop immediately.

Tire Alignment vs. Tire Balancing

Commonly, a tire alignment and tire balancing service are performed at the same time for simplicity. Because of this, they are commonly mistaken for one another. The main difference is that a tire alignment ensures your tire is on your vehicle evenly whereas a tire balancing service ensures each tire spins evenly individually.

Professional Maryland Tire Service Center

When it’s getting to be time for a tire alignment and balancing service, be sure to bring your vehicle into an experienced Maryland tire service center. Tire alignment and balancing is extremely important for your safety; your vehicle runs on your tires after all. One mistake can lead to a dangerous situation. If you’re in need of a tire alignment or balancing service, be sure to contact your mechanic at Hillmuth Auto Care today!

Hillmuth Auto Care is a Maryland auto mechanic and tire service center with locations in Clarksville, Columbia, Gaithersburg, and Glenwood, MD. For more information on our tire service, or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with your local Hillmuth Auto Care today!

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