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Why Does My Car Make A Wobbling Noise?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

If your vehicle is making a wobbling noise when you drive, there could be a few possible causes. In an effort to narrow down what is making the noise, be sure to try and pin-point when the noise happens and exactly what you are doing. Then, run through these possible issues, or bring your vehicle in your your local Maryland auto mechanic and tell them about the noise and let them fix it.

Wobbling when Braking

A wobbling noise or feeling when you hit the brakes is a fairly common issue. Usually, it

means your rotors are warped for any number of reasons. This is also something which can be felt in the steering wheel when you break. The fix here is to have the rotors checked and possibly made straight again (turned down) by a certified mechanic. Sometimes, rotors are too thin to be turned down and must be replaced.

Wobbles at a Certain Speed—Inconsistent

Does the wobbling occur when you get up to a certain speed, but not consistently? Consistency is key here, if the problem happens every time, then move onto the next cause. If the wobbling occurs inconsistently, then it could be as a result of your vehicle’s suspension. It’s a good idea to bring your vehicle in to a certified suspension repair shop in Maryland and have them assess the issue.

Wobbles at a Certain Speed—Every Time

Above we talked about inconsistent wobbling at certain speeds, here we’re talking about wobbling which happens at a certain speed, quite consistently. These types of wobbles are attributed to tires nearly every time. Now there are a few reason your tire is making your vehicle wobble, such as flat spots, cupping, separation, or an unbalanced tire. Remember the speed you’re having the issue, and get your car into a Maryland tire repair center immediately as the problem could prove dangerous.

Wobbling Under Heavy Loads

When we say heavy loads, we mean giving it a lot of gas to accelerate fast, towing something heavy, or when going up a steep hill. If you notice your vehicle wobbles or makes a wobbling noise in these conditions it could be some worn motor mounts. This is something your local Maryland auto mechanic could easily diagnose and repair, so if you feel a wobble in your vehicle, be sure to get it in to the shop right away.

Hillmuth Auto Care is a Maryland auto repair shop with local, trusted, and experienced auto mechanics who work to keep your vehicle on the road as long as possible. If you’re noticing a wobbling noise, or your feel a wobble when you drive your vehicle, be sure to bring it in to your closest Hillmuth Auto location, today! Visit our website to find a location closest to you.

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